Alessandro Righi

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Hi! I’m a computer science student, currently completing a Master’s degree at the University of Verona.

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I live in San Pietro in Cariano, a beautiful village in the Valpolicella countryside, home of famous Italian wines like Amarone and Recioto.

As a child I was really curious, I had to know how things worked, I liked to take apart stuff and always had a screwdriver in my hands. Then my parents gave me a computer, so I started tinkering around with it, installed Linux on it, and then started programming. And I instantly fell in love with it, I had the power to make my computer do exactly what I tell him to do.

But don’t worry! I also like other things, hanging out with friends, doing sports, music, litterature, politics, I’m not the boring nerd that I may appear!


I know very well GNU/Linux operating systems, in fact I’m a huge free software supporter. I used practically every distribution, and now settled with ArchLinux (in reality on my laptop I switched to Parabola GNU/Linux, a 100% free software distribution), and I feel at home in a shell. I don’t indeed particularly like graphical user interfaces, in fact in my computer I use i3 as a windows manager and only CLI programs, with the exception of the web browser, Firefox, for which I have a plugin to use vim key bindings ;-).

I like being a systemd administrator, managing servers, configuring networks, writing shell scripts, configuration files, managing databases, and even installing, configuring or repairing hardware (I like using a soldering iron).

I’m also good at coding, I know a lot of programming languages: Rust, C, C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, shell scripting. My favorite historically was C, but now I’m starting to use Rust, and I like it.

I also have competences in SQL databases, building REST or GraphQL APIs, building backends for web applications, and a little of frontend programming, even if I don’t like doing that.

I also have good competences in algorithms and data structures. In that regard I participate at programming contests, last year I participated at the SWERC ICPC regional in Paris and at the Google HashCode word finals in Dublin.


Since 2018 I work for the Italian Olympiad in Informatics team, as a tutor at the trainings that are held in Volterra. There I have the opportunity to confront myself with other persons like me, work on projects, learn new things.

I work as a tutor in my university, last year I was a tutor for the source Laboratory of Programing for math freshmen, this year I’m a tutor for the courses Programming I for Bioinformatics students and Programming II and software engineering for Informatics students.

At my university I’m also one of the organizer of the initiative Programming Challenges, that consists in a space where students with the passion of programming can meet, learn new things, train to participate in programming contests, and work on group projects.

I also developed a lot of personal project, that can be found on my GitHub page.

As a non-IT related jobs, I help my father with his vineyards, in particular with the harvest. I appreciate doing a job outside, that doesn’t consist in sitting down in front of a screen all day.

You can download my full CV (curriculum vitae) here (or here in Italian).

I’m currently looking around for a job, since I completing my studies, so job offers are very welcome!

If you are wondering how this website is made: go and check out! You will discover that to make a good locking website you don’t need JavaScript, you don’t need Bootstrap, just plain HTML and a couple of CSS rules.